Worldwide registration of the Water Footprint

"Water Footprint" and "Water Footprint Network" are international trademarks registered on 16 October 2009 with the World Intellectual Property Organisation under numbers 1019072 and 1022000 respectively.
The WF brand is protected in the Benelux, EU, Norway, Russian Federation, Australia and Singapore. The WFN brand is protected in the Benelux, EU, Norway, Australia and Singapore.
This means that any use of the Water Footprint and Water Footprint Network trademarks is subject to prior approval by the Water Footprint Network Foundation. If you want to use the trademarks, please send your request to (replace -at- with @). The most important condition for use is that the trademarks are always to be used in a way that is in line with and in support of the mission of the Water Footprint Network. This implies using the Water Footprint concepts and methods as formulated by the Water Footprint Network and published on the website. If no prior approval is requested or given, the Water Footprint Network may use its rights associated with the registration of the trademarks to ensure proper use of the trademarks in line with the mission and activities of the Water Footprint Network Foundation as laid down in the articles of incorporation.

The Water Footprint logo

The Water Footprint logo has been designed in 2008 by Angela Morelli, information designer, at the occasion of the launch of the Water Footprint Network. The design of the footprint is based on the properties of water: fluidity, softness, and viscosity. Morelli: “A dripping foot that is loosing an essential part of its structure, a part that is fundamental for human balance.” The creative process underlying the logo is told in a special document made about the design process The logo of the Water Footprint Network was also designed by Morelli. The drop of water shown in the water footprint logo comes back in the logo of the Water Footprint Network, to emphasize that it is water that connects us all.

The copyright for the logos is with the Water Footprint Network. The logos can be freely used by network partners after having received written permission from the Water Footprint Network. If you want to use one of the logos, please send a request to: info– (change -at- into @). Specify why you would like to use the logo and explain the nature of the content that the logo will be associated with. Any use of the logo should be accompanied by a reference to the Water Footprint Network.

Logo in cyan blue
Logo in dark blue
Logo in black
Logo on white background
Logo on dark blue background

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